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Theory of golf umbrella, golf, golf umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-21
Golf umbrella, just as its name implies is commonly used in the golf course to the umbrella. It solves of the problem of people play golf on the golf course in the sun when received. The characteristics of the golf umbrella is big. More than 25 inches can be incorporated into the golf umbrella, one of the largest size 32 inch can be achieved. Can accommodate 2 - completely Three adults. Previous golf umbrella skeleton USES is iron bone, even the double bone, too bulky. Now the market popular golf umbrella umbrella skeleton to switch to full fiber umbrella. Lightweight, is not easy to break; And used in fabric touch of 190 t cloth, feel is gentle, low-key costly connotation, reveals the wind of the atmosphere. Golf umbrella gradually began to more and more accepted by the masses, in addition to the golf course, it is now all over in many high-end hotels, upscale office property management, high-grade villas and other places. This year also has a lot of business gifts.
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