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There were children umbrella, children umbrella, children umbrella choose and buy

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-15
Around very much rain in summer in China, many parents choose to let the children carry an umbrella. And this summer in our country, in jiangsu province 'umbrella' in the news, and these problems on the web site has caused the attention of many parents, also let more parents to children umbrellas have a deeper understanding of the products. 'Umbrella' appeared, the news reporter learned through wholesale market, there are still many parents lack of awareness of the safety of the children's umbrella, 'originally should have umbrellas the classification' 'later all dare not let children use my umbrella, feel there are a lot of hidden trouble' when reporters asked a parent, how to choose an umbrella? This is what he told reporters: 'buy this kind of thing is to listen to children, what she want to what color or pattern, I will satisfy her' in addition, there are many more weight is given to children's parents said the umbrella chemical index, such as the umbrella don't smell or umbrella handle plastic materials should not contain such as formaldehyde, how children umbrella design, almost all have no special requirements. Reporter also saw many merchants sell children's umbrella is too loud, will be equipped with pendant or fluffy ornaments. There are some strange shape umbrella, umbrella with pointed at the top design, pose a safety hazard for the child. In the face of the wide variety of children's umbrellas on the market, the parents about how to choose to avoid potential safety hazard? Despite parents through visual judgment hard formaldehyde content aspect, in terms of physical design, cap, umbrella handles, etc can be a criteria to judge the parents when children umbrella of choose and buy. 1, parents can observe the size of the umbrellas, umbrella from top center to the umbrella bead tail hole below 50 cm ( Containing 50 cm) Umbrella children umbrella, can be said that the size of the more suitable for children. 2, parents should pay attention to the umbrella head wire should not be exposed, in the process of children to use, you can contact they are should not be sharp. 3, umbrellas umbrella tail shape should be spherical or circular arc form, its height is not greater than 50 mm. 4, as children and hand handle position often contact, not less than 15 mm in diameter, for children to grasp, and end of the handle should be spherical or circular shape. Know the select umbrella small knowledge, is not afraid to choose the wrong umbrella. ( Yi xin)
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