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Thirty percent umbrella, self-opening umbrella, automatic open thirty percent umbrella, self-opening umbrella is not the same

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-24
Is different from that of self-opening umbrella umbrella is one of the very common rain gear, but there are very complex skeleton structure, compare this with a raincoat rain boots, is more technical content. Today we will learn about the umbrella skeleton thirty percent of some mechanics analysis, help people understand the mysteries of thirty percent umbrella. Thirty percent umbrella generally have eight frame, this is exactly the same eight skeleton, each root structure is as follows: each frame is exactly the same, but the same skeleton inside is divided into three parts, the material is not necessarily the same, this is determined by the umbrella of some other functions, such as regular for electric iron groove (1 Industry can also be said is 'steel') Also for electrical material material, 2, 3 do glass fiber material, can make the umbrella to achieve the effect of wind. Electricity the umbrella is relatively heavy, now everyone pursuit of portable small, so you like to order aluminium as the main material of umbrella, to achieve the effect of light and not easy to rust. This is the general practice in many thirty percent umbrella, thirty percent of the above said is manual umbrella, then you tell me the thirty percent of the automatic umbrella, look at what's the difference. Thirty percent of the so-called automatic umbrella, they usually mean thirty percent automatic open umbrella, open a key, a key to receive an umbrella, very convenient and practical, especially for men self-opening umbrella is more convenient but receive thirty percent automatically open the weight of the umbrella has a drawback is that it is a little heavy, because the automatic open umbrella determines the rod material must be in electricity, so this is a bit heavy for girls, is not so convenient, also in use need to forcibly away when receiving an umbrella, is also a problem for them. Overall, thirty percent of the thirty percent of the manual and automatic umbrella umbrella each have advantages and disadvantages, we must weigh the clear when choosing to choose!
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