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Thirty percent UV protection umbrella UV coating, UV buster: thirty percent UV coating UV protection umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-08
The bane of ultraviolet (UV) : thirty percent UV coating UV protection umbrella midsummer, more dazzling sunlight, ultraviolet ray also more and more strong. All know, ultraviolet ray is to let your skin to blacken the murderer. Suppressed a winter very not easy back white complexion, bask in two days immediately returned to the soil black ugly! A black skin, rustic look, also easy to old. Tan is not the most serious actually, ultraviolet rays will make your skin pigmentation, grow to a certain extent it is serious impact on Asian serious spot! Don't be smug that my face is very clean, actually melanin can lurk in your face, accumulate over a long period, it has formed the irreversible gods can't save the sunburn! Bring about true sunburn face lurking under the uv lamp more troubling is 'light aging'! Early research has shown that ultraviolet ray can accelerate skin aging. Now talk about every 'Snow White' essential sun umbrella! Sincerely recommend that all cherish their skin looks sister, must use effectively isolate uv umbrella, hold on to their youth as long. However, many sister would rather buy expensive and bad effect of sunscreen, also too lazy to take a sun umbrella? Not just because of the umbrella is big and heavy, packets simply can hold, hand at any time and too much trouble. Now with yi xin super portable UV coating thirty percent UV protection umbrella to solve this trouble. Small and light to the extreme, the weight of 203 g is only four eggs length of 240 mm, no just plug the bag without any pressure light is convenient and do not break connotation, lightweight reinforced aluminum frame, seconds kill points minutes bulky easily rusty frame core in rain ultralight ultra soft 50 d transparent umbrella UV coating surface, effectively prevent bask in the UV protection at the same time, the umbrella and imitation principle of lotus leaf super repellent effect of a dry, sunny or rainy. Another umbrella surface to add 0. 5 cm glance all package edge, besides beautiful, nocturnal reflective safer in the street. Inventory spot have blue and black two colors, in addition to own use, can also be a gift, printed on silver or gold logo on the umbrella and become their own advertising gift umbrella, sent out a also is to give oneself increment a liquid medium of advertising. Want to know more please contact yi xin.
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