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This fully automatic and super water-repellent umbrella even comes with a light

This fully automatic and super water-repellent umbrella even comes with a light


On rainy days, we are always troubled by many problems:

1. Going indoors on a rainy day, wet umbrellas will inevitably wet the floor

2. Generally, the umbrella faces outward and the rain flows down, and it is easy to wet the clothes when the umbrella is closed.

3. Close the umbrella and get on the car door, get on the car, get out of the car and open the umbrella. People have to come out before opening the umbrella, which is quite inconvenient


In everyone's daily life, umbrellas are used very frequently. They are used for shelter from wind and rain in summer, and snow in winter can also come in handy. However, although the umbrella is good, there are some inconveniences in the process of using it. For example, when it is raining and snowing, it is very inconvenient to walk at night when there is no light.

In response to this problem, a smart designer invented a new umbrella. With it, there is no need to worry about walking at night.

fully automatic umbrella

The fully automatic and super water-repellent umbrella looks similar to ordinary umbrellas, with black as the main color, and the umbrella cloth uses high-quality polyester fiber material, which has good waterproof performance and can let raindrops fall quickly. The magic of the umbrella is the umbrella handle. Inside the umbrella handle, an LED lighting is installed and powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. In the position of the umbrella handle, there is a switch.

Let's take a closer look at this new umbrella

One:This creative anti-retracting non-wet umbrella, ordinary umbrellas with wet umbrella surface outside, wet the car; wet umbrella surface inside, put it freely.

super water-repellent umbrella

Two:Umbrella edge, angel ring design, strong reflection at night, to protect family travel safety in rainy night

fully automatic umbrella

Three:The lotus leaf resists rain and dries with one shake. Easily shake off the water droplets collected on the hydrophobic layer after use

super water-repellent umbrella

Four:Upgraded version design, add LED night lights at the handle, and upgrade again for safety, to be more alert to vehicles passing by, stay away from all dangerous conditions, such as steps, puddles, manhole covers, rocks, buildings and other dangerous roadblocks.

LED lights have multiple modes, including constant light mode, slow flash mode and fast flash mode, which is convenient for users to use in different occasions

It is worth mentioning that the position of the LED lamp post adopts a waterproof design, so users do not need to worry about water ingress, causing the light to be unusable.

It is very suitable for the elderly with poor hearing and active children. Even if you are walking in the dark at night, there are flashlights to escort you and solve the   problem of traveling at night.

fully automatic umbrella

Five:Fully automatic opening and closing, lightly pressing the button, 1 second lightning opening and closing.This design allows you to directly free up a hand to operate, opening and closing can be completed in a limited space.

super water-repellent umbrella

fully automatic umbrella

Finally, some points are summarized: Fully automatic reverse umbrella, creative anti-retracting non-wet car, angel ring reflective design, all-aluminum alloy wind-resistant umbrella stand, equipped with street light barrier safety night lights, no matter in daily life, it is an ideal umbrella

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