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This umbrella can be carried in a pocket, and there is no weight in the bag.

This umbrella can be carried in a pocket, and there is no weight in the bag.


What is pencil umbrella?

Would anyone be curious, what is a pencil umbrella? Literally, many people must have guessed it. It must be as thin as a pencil and as light as a pencil. If you think so, congratulations, and you are right.

One.The pencil umbrella is a kind of umbrella, and it is named the pencil umbrella because of its slim body.

Two.The pencil umbrella is a slender umbrella. Its keel is as thick as a pencil, and its colors are as diverse as a pencil. It is childlike and cute. The material of the pencil umbrella is very light, the styles are diverse, and a variety of crafts are incorporated, so the quality can be guaranteed

Three. Generally, the pencil umbrella is about 21cm long when folded, and weighs about 150 grams. After opening, the diameter is about 90cm. Its fabric is high-density polyester silk woven luster cloth,It is a small and portable umbrella.

Four.The price of pencil umbrellas ranges from 10rmb to 100rmb, and the prices of various brands are different. In many cases, the quality is almost the same, and it depends mainly on personal choice.

pencil umbrellla

What is the origin of the name of the pencil umbrella?

1. In terms of appearance, the pencil is very thin, which is enough to describe the slenderness of the umbrella. And the keel of the pencil umbrella is indeed the thickness of the pencil, so the description is very appropriate.

2. In terms of color, pencils, such as colored pencils and crayons, are all colorful, very new and bright. Umbrellas also want to give people the impression that they are arranged together in colorful colors like a box of colored lead. It is childlike and cute, which makes people love it.

Need to pay attention to the following points when buying a pencil umbrella:

1.When buying a pencil umbrella, pay attention to whether there is a label in the pencil umbrella stating that the pencil umbrella is UV resistant, that is, the pencil umbrella can really protect against UV rays (general umbrellas are actually not resistant to UV rays).

pencil umbrella

2.Of course, there are also dual-purpose pencil umbrellas that have both rain protection and UV resistance on the market. Usually the label will be sewn on the inner side of the umbrella, or the price tag has the anti-UV effect. A qualified UV-resistant sunshade pencil umbrella, even if the most common fabric is used, through high-density technology The cost of weaving is at least 10 rmb

3.And those so-called sunshade pencil umbrellas that sell for a 5rmb are obviously counterfeit products. They just coat a layer of low-quality reflective paint on the surface of ordinary umbrellas, and naturally they cannot achieve better UV protection.

4.In addition, the skeletons of genuine sunshade pencil umbrellas are made of steel or aluminum alloy, although they are very thin, they are very strong and tough; while the skeleton of fake pencil umbrellas is made of scrap iron, which will break after a few times.

Because excessive ultraviolet rays can cause photochemical reactions, which can cause a series of changes in human body functions, especially damage to the human skin, eyes, and immune system. Walking outdoors for a long time can easily cause damage to the skin.

This is why we should pay more attention to choosing sunscreen pencil umbrellas

pencil umbrella

Here is a tip:

The standard of "Evaluation of Textile Anti-UV Performance" promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine stipulates that:

A. Only when the UPF value of the sample is greater than 30, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, it can be called a "ultraviolet protection product". Both conditions are indispensable. This is a measure of whether a product is an "anti-ultraviolet product".

B. Anti-ultraviolet products should be marked with three aspects on the label

All in all, a lightweight umbrella must be an important reference index for everyone to choose an umbrella. At least for women, it can be as light as possible. If you can receive the bag, you don't need to hold the bag in one hand and hold a heavy umbrella in the other hand.

If there is such an umbrella, it can protect against sun, but it is a small one when put away, and the weight is very light, then why not buy it?

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