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Traditional reverse umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, do you know how much the inverted umbrella?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-12
'Rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go' the annual qingming festival is coming, is associated with wet weather. But at this time our umbrella it's time for play. Umbrella, we compare the common folding umbrella and rods umbrella. In the rain, an umbrella for our shelter, let us travel easy; But it also has some defects, such as when we were getting in the car after the umbrella is not convenient, taking an umbrella will stick to our legs under the influence of water quality. Actually this as early as in 2015 has been resolved. In May 2015, the British plate KAZ Designs team designed and developed a use of opposite direction of the inverted umbrella umbrella, and was raised on May 25, 150000 pounds. After a few years, inverted umbrella has been more and more people know; The product is becoming more and more perfect. Let us together to witness this umbrella's powerful functionality. First: the traditional change umbrella way to reduce the second: in the closed umbrella space reverse charge umbrella to put the rain dripping wet pajamas around third: umbrella ventilation holes design balanced on both sides of the air volume to avoid umbrella blown say that so many of its advantages, also some shortages about inverted umbrella, any product are not perfect. It is no exception. Inverted umbrella because of design, if there is no folding umbrella and convenient in carrying, its price is also high. In some cases, in general, the presence of the inverted umbrella, solved many problems, isn't it? My friends, do you think?
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