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Umbrella, high-end versatile automatic umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-21
High-end versatile automatic umbrella umbrella's sunny to block the sun, rainy days to block rain umbrella. Be sunny rainy days can be used, can shading also can block rain umbrella. Clattering umbrella cloth mainly polyester cloth, cloth, nylon cloth, etc. , on this basis, to live is the most important is prevented bask in coating, can truly achieve the effect of sunscreen, common sunscreen has vinyl coating, silver, gold, glue, color glue, transparent UV, etc. , the other is prevented bask in effect is good or bad, and the coating has a direct relationship, except the transparent UV, the cheapest half an anti-glare coating, is the cheapest, prevent bask in the effect also is the worst. If you want to know more, please consult the yi xin, sun umbrellas, beach umbrellas and umbrella is the biggest difference between on the functional: mainly wind rain umbrella, umbrella's main function is to prevent bask in the sun, but the umbrella can be said to be universal, can be used in any environment. Automatic umbrella, not only has the advantages of general umbrella, plus the fully automatic function release. If when shopping and heavy rain weather, can't use both hands to open an umbrella, the automatic open umbrella can very quickly open the umbrella, let you not to suffer the harm of the sun and rain.
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