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Umbrella that can change face, you know?

Umbrella that can change face, you know?


There are more and more innovative umbrellas on the market now, and many of them are the first time we have heard of them. Today I will introduce you two special umbrellas, one is the umbrella that blooms when exposed to water, and the other is the umbrella that changes color.

ONE-Recently, a kind of umbrella that blooms in water is very popular in the market. Because of its beauty and fun, this umbrella is sought after by many people.

Many technical controls began to study after buying this umbrella. It can be seen that everyone's curiosity about this matter is also quite heavy. What is the principle of this discoloration when exposed to water? Next, let me talk about its mystery


1. This is a new type of material. When the molecular material of the printing dye (used for printing) meets the water molecules, the reflection and refraction of light will change, and the pattern can be seen. Similarly, there are changes in color with temperature changes and so on.

2.This is a kind of engraving material, discharge printing, it uses a reducing agent to destroy the background color of the fabric, and then obtain a partially decolorized or colored pattern

3. This is a pattern of silk screen, called the color changer. When it is sunny, the pattern will be hidden, and it will show up when it sees rain.

4.  This is a new type of material. When the molecular material of the printing dye (used for printing) meets the water molecules, the reflection and refraction of the light changes, and the pattern can be seen. Similarly, it changes color with temperature changes, etc.

5. There are two general theories about the principle of umbrella blooming in water. One is the physical principle, that is, the flower on the umbrella is different from the fabric of the umbrella, and the affinity to water is different after encountering water. The other is that the flower is a kind of paint, which should be poisonous, but it is not as big as stated on the Internet.


This interesting umbrella will have a magical effect when it is used on a rainy day. Generally, the umbrella after the rain is covered with water stains, which will affect the appearance of the umbrella printing.

However, this set of printed umbrellas only reveals the hidden cute prints or patterns after being washed by rain. Even if you accidentally get wet, I believe you will feel warm when you see such a warm effect.

TWO-Due to the attention of many people, more and more people search the Internet for the color change principle of this umbrella, what makes it change from an ordinary umbrella to an umbrella that can change color, and the principle of the color change umbrella has become everyone's special I want to know a question.

In fact, it's not that complicated. You can understand it as a mechanism, just like a magic mechanism, as soon as the mechanism is opened.

How does the umbrella manufacturer's umbrella achieve this? This treacherous coating is white under normal conditions. When it encounters water, it becomes transparent. After it becomes transparent, the masked pattern is displayed.


It actually uses UV sunlight to control the color change. The basic colors are purple, yellow, red, and blue. It can be printed from colorless to colored. It is an EVA umbrella.

And it has the function of testing UV stress

1. Temperature-sensitive and color-changing raw materials: use the temperature difference to control the color change.

2. Photosensitive materials: use sunlight (UV light) to control the color change.

3. Luminous luminescent materials: absorb and store any light energy, and emit light in the dark.

4. Liquid crystal color-changing materials: use temperature and angle differences to present rainbow color changes.

5. Long-lasting fragrance material: use microcapsules to control the slow release of fragrance, and the fragrance can last for six months to one year.

6. Moisture-sensing and discoloration: It is a white water-based ink, which can become permeable in contact with water

umbrella (2).jpg

Imagine everyone, when you walk on the street holding your umbrella to shade the sun. After a while, dark clouds appeared in the sky, and the raindrops will drop down. At this time, your umbrella seems to match the mood of God. , Slowly changing color, I believe that such a novel and personalized umbrella will definitely bring you countless chances of returning.  

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