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Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella to sharp change of umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-28
In ancient times, the umbrella is usually hold up shelter in a rainy day, also only oiled paper umbrella this earliest umbrella. Its main function is to shelter, so called the umbrella. But in this day and age, it has become more than just an umbrella, it is still a sunshade. Now on the market share of the largest umbrella umbrella, umbrella of so-called dual-use is a rainy day sunny day. Can rain, can shade is prevented bask in again. The umbrella is just on the ordinary umbrella fabric with a layer of UV treatment, makes it have UV protection function, so as to achieve the effect of shading. 50 'Alt =' umbrella UPF> 50 '/> said that in the process of the sunshade, UV, we are going to have to talk about what works best. Now most of them are the umbrella surface black plastic handle, so how do we discern the stand or fall of the shading effect it? Here to teach you a recruit: we can open our mobile flashlight, against our umbrella of the one side, then on the other side look at its light transmittance. The shading effect if zero pervious to light, so that it is the best; If you still can be pervious to light, then its shading effect is general, oh.
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