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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-23
In the summer, whether sunny or rainy days go out can't lack is an umbrella sunny sun to the leg soft rainy mood pent-up upset minded to teach you a new skill can transform your umbrella rainy day or sunny days let you head out a beautiful prosperous DIY brushes to a single point of pure white color, crisp blue and warm orange you can't be the sun of summer oily sweat and cloudy mood depressed the unification of the shape, the best way is to do an abrasive paper if it is not easy to buy waterproof paint, dress up, or hold your fruit let fresh fruit to the hot sun overhead cooling together, the umbrella outside DIY graffiti type of umbrella do you like it? Spray spray spray can create a coolest scenery on the head tape do random division now it can be sprayed the color you like can have all the features you like gradient, uncovered the tape to see what you can create two now. Do your own decoration in addition to being able to hold on his head, the adornment action of umbrella also not underestimate the umbrella upside down with you will be more impressive as the rainbow moved to his room with a colorful umbrella in the outdoor dress up, love in birthday party. 3. DIY DIY a soft continous of umbrella umbrella like draw graphical trace contour, plug ShangMian best suited to do is quiet at this time to point out the small hand clouds, and an umbrella for a list of the most wind chimes four scenarios of paper. When old umbrella umbrella and the flowers can deserve to go up bright flowers appear what kind of effect? To do and follow our steps, use an umbrella and bright-coloured flower to jing your vision and pure and fresh the Daisy hung on the door again hot summer also can feel the pungent fresh plain hemp rope, or a ribbon of light with the umbrella and flower without any sense of acosmia five together. Umbrella creative ornaments to see the small streets in Beijing can buy rainbow umbrella can become what spray into a dazzling silver, dress up on other things such as ribbon and fabrics, how much can give children the surprise you with octopus gives an umbrella six sense of life. DIY clothing teach you use a old umbrella become batman umbrella skeleton of the best reduction bat the most primitive state annual best COS rainbow to wear in the body, rainy days go out no longer afraid of seven. Household trembles of the umbrella as a lamp shade umbrella skeleton used in reverse, DIY into a beautiful lamp lighting the again using the handle of the umbrella
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