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Umbrella——walking advertisement

Umbrella——walking advertisement


Advertising umbrella is a commonly used advertising product. The product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, flexible use, portability, and strong mobility. It can be used in outdoor publicity, commodity promotion, outdoor leisure, and small stall sales.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate and the pressure of competition increases, more and more people are facing unemployment. At the same time, the street stall industry has grown invisibly.

This brings spring to the advertising umbrella invisibly. No matter what the sun is shining on a sunny day, or in the rainy weather, you need such an advertising umbrella that can shade and block the rain.

Different types of advertising umbrellas have certain differences in the specific roles they play. Now let’s introduce two commonly used advertising umbrella product types, hoping to help you make better use of the products.

There are also many types of advertising umbrellas. It can be said that advertising can be printed on any kind of umbrella. After all, umbrellas are highly mobile products. As long as they can be seen by people, they can be printed with slogans or Logo.

So there are mainly the following:

Gift advertising umbrella, sun advertising umbrella, two, three, four, five folding umbrella,

Sun advertising umbrella, children advertising umbrella, curved handle advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, advertising wine bottle umbrella, classical wine bottle umbrella. Straight handle straight umbrella, curved handle straight umbrella, transparent umbrella, lovers umbrella, children umbrella

Bottle umbrella, pencil umbrella, golf umbrella, rotating umbrella, patent fan umbrella, solar umbrella, flashlight umbrella, straight handle umbrella, sun umbrella, wooden umbrella, side umbrella, transparent umbrella, luminous umbrella, leisure pavilion, motorcycle umbrella

 Below we mainly introduce two major types of more common advertising umbrellas, namely gift advertising umbrellas and advertising sun umbrellas.

Gift advertising umbrella:

Function: Effectively prevent the ultraviolet rays in the sun from radiating to the human body.

Features: The umbrella is very convenient to unfold. As long as a small switch, it can be opened with a light press, which is very convenient. As a gift for enterprises, advertising has a strong role and influence. Especially the curved umbrella can also be used as a crutch for the elderly

Most people are used, ranging from elderly to small children. As long as there are people, advertisements are everywhere.

advertising umbrella

Advertising sun umbrella:

Function: Suitable for outdoor use alone, large umbrella, large advertising area, windproof, sunproof and rainproof, tables and chairs can be placed under the big umbrella. It is suitable for outdoor promotion activities and large and medium-sized performances and other live ceremonies.

We can often see a lot of big umbrella canopies in various mobile phone shops, or at the entrance of supermarkets and shopping malls, which seem to be ordinary places for shading and sheltering from the rain, and they are also used as advertisements.

Features: The umbrella is beautiful in appearance and quick to use. It can print corporate advertising information and then place it in the streets of the city. The advertising effect is very eye-catching.

gift advertising umbrella

advertising sun umbrella

The following summarizes the advantages of several advertising umbrellas:

First, high liquidity

Advertising umbrella has the advantage of advertising wherever you go;

Second, good quality and low price

Advertising umbrella has the advantages of low advertising investment cost, fast manufacturing process, and deep consumer impression;

Third, wide practical use

Advertising umbrella has the function of sheltering from the wind on cloudy days, sheltering from rain on rainy days, and sunshading on sunny days. It is an indispensable daily necessities for men, women and children;

Fourth, long advertising time

The advertising umbrella has a long service life and can be used for long-term advertising for enterprises. It is a reliable advertising method.


The gift advertising umbrella can print your creativity and patterns on the surface of the umbrella. It can be printed on both sides and four sides. The image is vivid and clear, and it will never fade. It is a good product for gifts to relatives and friends, festive celebrations, advertising and promotion. We are very happy to customize a unique umbrella for everyone, and we are more willing to customize a thoughtful gift on various festivals


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