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Umbrellas, color changing umbrella, a chameleon umbrellas

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-20
Umbrellas is suitable for use by children 3 years old and above the rainy season is going to be a umbrellas for children, parents and what kind of umbrellas is the most popular with children. If let children choose their own umbrella, generally is the umbrella surface pattern design and color to choose their own umbrella. Today we will give children a color changing umbrella, if you are a kid will like? Before there is no rain, umbrella pattern is white, after the rain on the surface of the umbrella design becomes colorful. The umbrella and become white when dry. More thoughtful push-pull type switch, parents friends don't have to worry about will clip to the baby's hand. Umbrella tail is no longer the traditional umbrella sharp, but USES the yuan yuan, smooth plastic umbrella tail. Give baby like an umbrella, a baby would like George one day, the rain is going to the mud.
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