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Umbrellas, rounded umbrella, child rounded umbrella, children umbrella small selection technique lecture hall

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-19
Over the summer vacation, enter the back-to-school in September, the parents of their children in the home began to the luggage to the school for children, one of the umbrella is indispensable. Many parents in the children choose the umbrella will think general umbrella is ok, but don't know and umbrellas. Umbrellas are tailored specifically for children's umbrella. Adults in the size of the umbrella from 19 to 33 inches, and the size of the umbrellas are generally between 15 to 21 inches. Umbrellas are divided into regular and ears. Currently on the market and a new round children umbrella. So when choosing umbrellas need what are the main factors? Despite parents through visual judgment hard formaldehyde content aspect, in terms of physical design, cap, umbrella handles, etc can be a criteria to judge the parents when children umbrella of choose and buy. 1, parents can observe the size of the umbrellas, umbrella from top center to the umbrella bead tail hole below 50 cm ( Containing 50 cm) Umbrella children umbrella, can be said that the size of the more suitable for children. 2, parents should pay attention to the umbrella head wire should not be exposed, in the process of children to use, you can contact they are should not be sharp. 3, umbrellas umbrella tail shape should be spherical or circular arc form, its height is not greater than 50 mm. 4, as children and hand handle position often contact, not less than 15 mm in diameter, for children to grasp, and end of the handle should be spherical or circular shape. Know the select umbrella small knowledge, is not afraid to choose the wrong umbrella.
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