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Umbrellas, rounded umbrella, children umbrella fillet, hidden trouble in security umbrellas you must face

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-19
In May 2017, 'consumer reports' combed the country's 126 with qa department for industry and commerce of publicly in recent 10 years 20197 sampling data of children's products, fraction defective of umbrellas up to 57. 14%, the highest 19 listed product type. Including a number of well-known enterprises umbrella of child's umbrella products, and all the unqualified project contains beads, impact strength, because traditional bead the end ( An umbrella) There is a potential safety hazard umbrellas, easy to poke injury children. Therefore we developed the rounded umbrellas, no sharp tail ( An umbrella) , give children a safe, easy to use, high levels of appearance and umbrella. Unique rounded rounded hexagon umbrella surface, receive and can keep the umbrella body slender. Umbrella bead tail tightly wrapped, not shedding, umbrella is more sturdy. High quality 210 t touch attack cloth good water repellency, UPF 30 + uv coefficient, dual-use can rain or shine. Combined with unique reflective package edge, safer to use close. Love she/he gave him the most thoughtful, let the rounded umbrella with the growth of his happy childhood.
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