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Umbrellas, rounded umbrella, children with an umbrella, you picked the right?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-18
Every child is in the eyes of an angel, parents pay special attention to the safety of the children, if one day you from the light on, it is forced by a child. Every time it rains, I always see several children on the way with umbrella in playing with water, run, play, really for their parents pinched the 1, so play water back won't catch a cold? And once we plot a child playing with water, when it is raining accidentally poke hurt the eyes of the other children to take an umbrella, really terrifying, problem is the umbrella umbrella, pointed and sharp umbrella bead. Fortunately children no matter after checking, otherwise the parents how sad, mom you are looking for safe enough umbrellas behind. I happened to see a friend do umbrella rounded corners of the umbrella, I was very interested in this kind of umbrella main characteristic is safe, you can see its umbrella bead are wrapped and the umbrella tip is also designed to be round round plastic tail, umbrella cloth and a circle around the optical margin, night lights illuminate the light is reflected to let others know that someone, these details can not help but make me sigh so careful, so considerate child's umbrella. Careful I found this round umbrella umbrella handle and a small function, there is a signature of paper, write your baby's name is unique. Oh, and the design is also very heart sprout of cartoon design, is let me the adult see rain all want to hang out, let alone a child.
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