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Umbrellas, rounded umbrellas, and a 'child' rise

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-16
Unconsciously and rise of a 'child' in May this year and a half, just last week before mother's day reminds me of when I was a child before, once upon a time go to school reading rain mother always takes us to school and pick us up from school. Are generally wear a raincoat to us, there are few for our own use an umbrella. When the umbrella is sharp, and iron are hard. There are often hurt children happen, and this is why very few children umbrella before. Yi xin has a specially designed for children's safety research and development of the rounded umbrellas, it changes the traditional umbrella umbrella bead tough questions, to switch to the fiber umbrella with arc bead, let the umbrella will no longer hurt people around, this invention by China central television (CCTV) - The love of children's channel, and publicity for us. Rounded umbrellas is one of the yi xin patent product, is a great innovation in the children's umbrella, let many children can also be used on their own umbrella. Rounded umbrellas to accept custom design, brand generation of processing production, have need can contact us.
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