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Umbrellas, rounded umbrellas, ice flower boy, umbrellas, a carelessly white head, becomes a web celebrity

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-17
A municipal party committee announced the 'ice flower boy' on the Internet has become a 'web celebrity,' the principal said I carelessly white head, 'children to review the whole process, because in a hurry to go to school, forget to add clothes and take umbrellas, weather is getting cold, distance far walk a few minutes, face flushed with cold, also covered a layer of fluffy hair light snow. The principal think I'm cute, I put my photos posted online, so I become 'web celebrity. All said to do the best of the buying and selling of children earn: all children are now home treasure, from clothes toys to study, what line from eating to live is the best. Had a child in the home, the child will get a lot of things, want to buy things to the child hobby, will have the market, many businesses is to see this, try all kinds of methods, production out of the children like product! And the thing which is the umbrellas. Young children like to go out on rainy days, but most of the parents have sent the order to stop to go out, let the children lose the right to enjoy a happy. Parents think this is done to the child's health; The children are careless, think parents deprived of his own happiness. The rain is not a disaster, children could not have said every time not to go out when it rains. Resolution is proper for the child own rain gear is the reason to the parents' decision, the following is what you need, don't let young children used adult umbrella because of lazy. Children will not firm due to the small hand to grasp umbrella handle and produce risk. A resolution umbrellas, they are specially according to the size of the child running, safe and convenient specifically adopted double plastic replaced the metal hand in hand.
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