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Umbrellas, rounded umbrellas, roca, a let my tears at teacher umbrellas

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-18
Were moved by a news yesterday, rompin fraternity trip to a spring reception to open, with 'the first entrepreneurs maritime business school' the journey of 2019 is the ocean. Yi xin at the meeting for him at the teacher to send a special gift, it is rounded umbrellas, three hours overnight children rushed the baby exclusive round umbrella, roca teachers to get the umbrella tears on the spot. The father loves the mountain o father love is more like an umbrella. Human relationship is so wonderful, in such a vanity fair, have such a thoughtful gift, it's warm heart and surprise. Most children like rainy day, especially like playing in the water, but as parents always worry about a sharp tail poking into the children. Don't be afraid to don't be afraid we rounded design safety umbrellas perfectly solve the problem: built-in rounded corner bead tail, never afraid of the baby scratch yourself! Easy open closed honeycomb design, 3 years old children can also be easily closed; Use non-slip handle, baby rainy day travel safer; All kinds of round umbrella umbrella style, meet the child's innocence pursuit of fun! To keep their children safe use umbrella, yi xin was serious.
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