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Umbrellas, try to correct mistakes, after the children for their mistakes, punishment is not an end, not parents show the means of authority

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-21
After the children to make mistakes, parents should do? 'To err is human. ' the sage, everybody makes mistakes, adult is inevitable, especially for children. In the path of growth, the children will make mistakes, children mistakes are various, one of the most common mistakes such as lying, aggression and theft. Education tip loudly scolded the child to control your emotions, like anger not only consumes can use very good energy, also scare children, can't let the child to recognize errors, it would probably have to be the emotion between parents, have long-term negative effects. Is pointed out that the error of children when children make mistakes, parents should always calmly points out children's mistakes, proper education of children. , based on the current error to give judgment and advice, do not have 'the current' behavior. Listen to the interpretation of the children, please let the children have the chance to explain, to discover the reason for children to make mistakes. In fact, after the children to make mistakes, their heart is nervous, and have a strong sense of guilt, worry and fear. Will give them a chance, let the children say heart guilty, expresses the apology. To protect the child's self-esteem when their kid made a mistake, should not be in scold them immediately, the child's self-esteem is very strong, said outside the church to let children feel very lose face, what things can be behind closed doors. Punish children way of punishment not beat and scold, but to let the children remember the lesson, change their behavior and attitude in a timely manner. You can switch to do household chores, let he sent copy something modest way, etc. More time with their children, let children grow up happy, now in the snow, many parts of the country seriously when the road is icy, be sure to avoid children and the elderly go out alone, it is important to note that accompanied. Took the kids go out play with snow, the snow out of the door, be sure to keep warm, don't stay outside for a long time, the snow clothing, body temperature will make the snow melts quickly, so as not to let the child caught a cold, must pay attention to the wearing clothes, and go out with umbrella, to buy a beautiful baby, they like umbrellas, happy happy this winter. Yi xin
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