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Umbrellas, umbrella, not only practical, but also very sprout

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-14
'More than sweet childish, can every day to day, penetrative, see tiny thing will analyse its texture, so there is such interest. . 。 When I was a child doesn't like an umbrella, abandon the color of the umbrella is too deep, pattern is monotonous, more like running in the rain. But now there are many umbrellas, a second become king, into the existence of the attention of other children, from then on, fall in love with an umbrella. That how to choose a good umbrellas? 一、 伞面一定要漂亮小孩子大都喜欢有卡通图案或是色彩艳丽的雨伞。 Second, to choose a security umbrella, can have a lot of people don't think is a umbrella? 有那么讲究吧其实您这样想就错了。 雨伞在使用的过程中的确存在很多安全隐患。 Mainly from the several aspects. 1, can't be too sharp, children like to take the umbrella with stamp, sample is easy to hurt themselves or hurt other children. 2, 8 umbrella bead must be spherical, if only to prevent children accidentally umbrella bead inserted into their own eyes. 3, the most important is must use safe type umbrella stand, good is a hand to open, buy an umbrella, to look at, in many children with an umbrella. 三、 铁的自动开的那种种伞价钱是便宜,多块钱就可以买一支,是伞架的短骨上,开的一个铁槽,槽往往很溥,封利的刀片一样小朋友的手碰在上面肯定会划伤。 Safety type umbrella stand is not the same, is round bone, bone is round, umbrella wire head also lived with a metal cap, also won't hurt kids.
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