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Uv protection umbrella, let me caress your beauty in the heart

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-15
Let me attentively to caress your beautiful little by little we had already passed in the spring, into the summer. In this hot summer, the strong ultraviolet ray for miss you sisters skin hurt very big! But, don't be afraid! We have a uv protection umbrella! General uv protection umbrella how to distinguish between the good and bad? In fact, the industry has long been clear that sunscreen is one of the best vinyl coating effect, in which all the vinyl window is the best, followed by a half shading silver vinyl and rubber are not many, finally the color glue. A good umbrella to miss our sisters block out 99% of the ultraviolet ray, let your whole summer white from head to tail. As the saying goes: a white cover ugly, a fat destroyed all the ah. Now the big brands are also looking for factory to do uv protection umbrella, quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. , is your best choice, we are a professional wholesaler of uv protection umbrella. In addition we also have a smart umbrella can real-time monitoring of SPF. There is need can contact us at any time:
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