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Uv protection umbrella, uv protection umbrella, let you fine

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-16
Uv protection umbrella, let you fine hot summer, away from the hot sun baked, sweating, to bring their own salt, you are from meat may be difference between a pinch of cumin seeds, but you are from delicate little sister, only this effect are excellent uv protection umbrella: this is yi xin LUV under its own brand name of the cat's dream, 99% of PUF full cotton umbrella surface shading vinyl lighting strike, is the bane of ultraviolet light. Six layer is prevented bask in the sun shield technology, do not give any through ultraviolet. Sunshade sun shield is to two fields: the sunscreen and uv protection, using unique technology on the fabric, it is not only a fabric with coating of innovation, but also the effective combination of fashion and technology. Except for uv protection, walked with an umbrella in the sun, and clearly show the cooling effect, the summer away, so you won't have gruesome hot feeling. Detail decides success or failure, amar, uv protection umbrella and even a short umbrella, don't let go. The umbrella inside core - — Umbrella stand: use the umbrella and toughness super good resin of high strength and light weight aviation aluminum, miss let sisters in the storm. A good umbrella, need by inside and outside the United States, nature is little not the packaging on the tall uv protection umbrella wholesale, more style you choose. Need to know more, please consult the yi xin,.
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