Yixin umbrella specialized in customized automatic umbrella,reverse umbrella, and so on,for more than 20 years,is a professional umbrella manufacturers.

What are main products to YiXin?
Quanzhou YiXin Umbrella Co.,Ltd. runs a professional factory to generate high-quality products. The reverse umbrella we create meets the ISO9001 standard. We're continuously on the lookout for the very best materials and components to make quality products. As a result of our excellent manufacturing capacities, dependable excellent control testing processes and adequate manufacturing capacity, our firm constantly guarantees perfect results and provides them to our clients in a timely way.

YiXin is a specialist in both the design and manufacture of custom printed umbrellas with access to and long-standing relationships with the most advanced brands in this industry. YiXin's fold umbrella series contains multiple sub-products. The design of YiXin fold umbrella offers a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. This product is the perfect solution to your stormy day. This product is able to retain its original appearance. With no cracks or holes on the surface, the bacteria, viruses, or other germs are hard to get in and build up. Its fashionable color scheme works for anyone.

To fulfill the responsibility for the environment, we will manage the natural resources in the most effective and efficient way. We will introduce highly effective manufacturing facilities to help us achieve this goal.
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