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What are the functions and characteristics of the old man’s cane umbrella?

What are the functions and characteristics of the old man’s cane umbrella?


The design of the cane umbrella is actually a combination of the cane handle and the umbrella, which can be used as an umbrella and can be used as a cane to bring convenience to the elderly.

 The specific introduction of the cane umbrella:

1. The cane umbrella is one thing and three purposes. It is not only an umbrella, a sun umbrella, but also a cane. It is suitable for use in all kinds of weather. It is the best companion for the elderly to walk and travel.

2. The frame strength is very high, it can easily support and assist walking, it has super anti-skid teeth, more anti-skid, with a hard umbrella pole, safe and secure, so that the elderly can easily walk every step of the way.

3. The handle is designed according to ergonomics, it is more comfortable to hold, more labor-saving, the umbrella cloth is beautiful, and the super anti-ultraviolet design is adopted to avoid skin burns.

cane umbrella

Many elderly people find it troublesome to take a cane, and more elderly people worry that they will be old when they use a cane, so they often reject the use of a cane because of their aggressiveness. It wasn't until I couldn't walk anymore and had to be supported by someone else and with the help of external force, I reluctantly took the crutches. In fact, this concept is quite incorrect. A proper support with crutches can help reduce the weight of the knee joint for the elderly who have just started to develop symptoms of arthritis. Therefore, the elderly should use crutches to reduce the weight of the joints when they first notice the symptoms of joint discomfort.

Especially when you travel far, or even go to the street for two or three hours, or go for a walk in the park, you can use a cane or a hard umbrella.

But it should be reminded that you cannot use an umbrella instead of crutches or cane umbrella. Umbrella grips are more rounded design, secondly, there is no anti-skid pad, thirdly, the frame is thin and the weight-bearing ability is not good, so it cannot replace the crutches. At the same time, it should be noted that trekking poles and ski poles are only suitable for specific occasions and cannot replace standard crutches or cane umbrella.

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Why did you design a cane umbrella? In fact, it all comes down to taking care of the safety of the elderly, so what kinds of situations do the elderly need to use crutches or cane umbrella?

When the elderly are moving, if they feel that their body balance is not good and they need support to maintain their balance, they should use crutches or cane umbrella; 

elderly people with poor eyesight should also use crutches to help avoid obstacles and dangers in the movement; 

after inspection The elderly with severe osteoporosis are more prone to falls. It is also recommended to use crutches to prevent falls and injuries.

In fact, the elderly need not be afraid of becoming dependent on crutches. Just like a person who uses crutches to assist movement during illness, after healed, he naturally does not need to continue using it. Even some elderly people who often use crutches find that it can also provide a lot of convenience, which is likely to stimulate the desire to act, but it helps to move their legs and feet more and maintain their health.

When using crutches, the most important thing is to choose good quality and light weight. Nowadays, some crutches have added relatively humanized auxiliary functions. The elderly can choose different types of crutches according to their specific needs on the premise of ensuring the safety of crutches. For example, the "crutch stool" can be turned on as a chair to rest when you are tired; a walking stick with lighting function can provide a light source for the elderly when there is insufficient light, and so on.

We are committed to providing customers with umbrellas that best meet their needs. Our cane umbrella uses sunscreen, waterproof and black technology, which can be used for both rain and sun. At the same time, the improved umbrella cloth is used, which is lighter and thinner than before, which reduces the weight of the umbrella and has a stronger sun protection performance.

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