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What can protect the umbrella from getting the clothes wet?

What can protect the umbrella from getting the clothes wet?


On a rainy day, the most feared situation everyone will encounter is to enter the room from the outside. The wet umbrella in your hand will wet the floor, causing rainwater to accumulate, and then wet the clothes. If you enter the car, it will get wet. Seats in a wet car. At this time, an umbrella that understands all needs is vacated.

In fact, to avoid getting wet, you have to start from the essence, a protective shell can solve this problem. And it doesn't take up space, can be waterproof, and can be spliced together with the umbrella. The emergence of the waterproof umbrella cover just solved this thorny problem and really played a protective role. Not only protects myself, but also protects others. Many people will want to own this long-handled umbrella with a waterproof cover.

We call it the anti-storm series umbrella. It not only has a waterproof umbrella cover, but also has a 16-bone umbrella rib reinforcement. The wind resistance can be said to be very powerful. Even in windy weather, you can use it with confidence, without fear of being blown over and getting wet.


So what kind of magical umbrella cover can solve the problem that bothers you? Let us solve the mystery.

In fact, a high-quality PVC waterproof umbrella cover is reinforced at the tail of the umbrella, and this umbrella cover has a cover. Unscrew the cover to release the rainwater inside. It can be said to be a very smart design. PVC material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, and can be recycled. The biggest reason for choosing it is that the umbrella is an item that needs to be exposed to the outside for a long time. It will be in contact with the air, and will be exposed to the sun and wet by the rain. Therefore, as an umbrella cover to protect it, it must be resistant to the sun and erosion. While PVC has long-term weather resistance, UV resistance and heat resistance and aging resistance are very superior. And the service life is long, and it will not be damaged because of frequent use.


And this umbrella cover is retractable. Before going out, just push the umbrella cover up to open the umbrella quickly. Before getting in the car, or when entering the car, push the umbrella cover down again to store the entire umbrella in. This way, there will be no scene of throwing the umbrella in the bus, and it will not wet others. Keep the bus aisles dry to avoid the phenomenon of people slipping on foot.

If you want to pour out the water in the umbrella cover, it is also very fast and convenient. Open the round cover from the tail of the umbrella, and the water will flow down, and then you can continue to use the umbrella cover.


In addition to the protective effect of the umbrella cover, its 16 fibers are also the backbone of the entire umbrella. The large umbrella-shaped design makes it more conductive, coupled with the strong load-bearing capacity and wind resistance of the umbrella ribs, makes the whole umbrella "light, strong and flexible", and has a longer service life. The umbrella has been changed for a short period of time.

The diameter of the umbrella surface is as long as 120cm, which can easily accommodate 2 people.


Intimately designed a variety of colors, dark green, pink, royal blue, rainbow colors, dark blue, wine red, each color represents a different mood and state of mind, you can choose according to your own preferences.

We accept private customization from customers, only three steps: explain the customization requirements; choose the umbrella style, design and typesetting according to the requirements, until you are satisfied; after confirmation, pay, we can arrange production.


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