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What is the birth of the golf umbrella?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-26
According to statistics, golf umbrella umbrella mainly cellulosic material, aluminum alloy material, mainly iron. A lot of customer's first contact with an umbrella, when asked about the umbrella material selection are confused about. Language is umbrella industry to introduce the umbrella in this material and its corresponding function. 1, the cellulosic material: the use of cellulosic materials from golf umbrella good toughness, no rust corrosion, resistance to strong winds, weighs less than iron, is now more popular, often in real estate, automotive and other industry users of the material of choice for high-end products. 2, aluminum alloy material: aluminum alloy material does not rust, weighs less than iron, advertising umbrella, quality feeling better but no fiber toughness, is currently popular in the high-end products in the material. 3, iron: easy to rust, easy to break, the quality relative to the cellulosic with aluminum alloy material, and in terms of weight are heavier, especially in the double bone bone, 16 k is heavy, the user experience will be not so good, but the price will be more economic, more suitable for promotion, pure advertising.
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