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What is the difference between a parasol and a sunny umbrella?

What is the difference between a parasol and a sunny umbrella?


The umbrella design is mainly made of anti-ultraviolet materials, and the workmanship is fine, there are many beautiful embroidered printing and dyeing designs, the main function is to protect the skin from sun protection and ultraviolet rays.

Sun umbrellas take into account the functions of umbrellas and parasols, and the sun protection effect is generally worse than that of parasols. However, the umbrella cloth of the umbrella is waterproof, and the umbrella cannot be guaranteed at this point, and the skeleton of the beautiful umbrellas on the market will be made lighter and easier to carry, so the wind resistance is relatively poor.

Generally speaking, if it is a rainy season, use a sunny umbrella; if it is arid area, you can use a professional sun umbrella.

What are the specific differences?

One. Different in nature

1. Nature of sunny and rainy umbrellas: umbrellas used to shade the sun on sunny days, and shelter from rain on rainy days It is an umbrella that can be used on both sunny and rainy days. It can be used for both sunshade and rain.

2. The nature of the sunshade: It is mainly used to protect the umbrella from direct sunlight. It can be used in summer and can effectively isolate the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Two, the main purpose is different

1. The main purpose of the sun umbrella: sun umbrella = sun umbrella + umbrella, but under normal circumstances, the sunshade effect is slightly weaker, and the sunscreen effect is average. If it is the rainy season, use a parasol; if it is a dry area, use a professional sun umbrella.

 2. The main purpose of the sunshade: It is mainly used to shield the umbrella from direct sunlight. It can be used in summer and can effectively isolate the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Generally, the higher the UPF value, the stronger the ability to isolate ultraviolet rays; the larger the size, the larger the area under the umbrella.

sun umbrella

parasols umbrella

How to choose a good umbrella and sunshade

1. The main functions of parasols are UV protection, sun protection, and skin health protection; sunny umbrellas have both the sun-shading function of parasols and the waterproof and wind-resistant functions of umbrellas. When buying a sun umbrella, be sure to ask the seller if the sun umbrella you want to buy can be used as an umbrella, or it will leak when it rains.

2. UPF value: UPF value is the value of UV protection factor. Just like buying sunscreen, when buying a sunshade, pay attention to the UPF value of the umbrella. When the UPF is greater than 30, it can be called anti-ultraviolet product, and the protection level standard is "UPF30+". If you are in the south, a parasol with UPF>50 can be your whitening secret; if you are in the north, a parasol with UPF>45 is also very sufficient.

3. Glue, silver glue, nano

 Nowadays, most umbrellas on the market are made of vinyl. Compared with vinyl, silver glue has the disadvantages of being easy to fall off and having a general sun protection effect (UPF>30). The light transmittance of high-quality vinyl can reach almost 0, Inferior vinyl coating may contain carcinogens, causing harm to the body. The principle of nano-coating is to reflect ultraviolet rays by smearing half-wavelength of ultraviolet rays on the umbrella cloth.

Another point is that the current vinyl umbrellas are divided into two types: outer vinyl and inner vinyl. The internal vinyl will be better. The white vinyl means shading, and the inner coating will better protect the vinyl. Secondly, everyone knows that black is the easiest to absorb heat. If the outer picture is vinyl, it will increase the external temperature of the umbrella.

4. Single layer, double layer

For parasols and sun umbrellas, double-layer umbrellas have better shading and cooling effects than single-layer umbrellas, and the fabric on both sides certainly feels better than single-layer fabric. But please note that, as mentioned above, the anti-ultraviolet rays mainly rely on nano-coating, and the double layer only improves the effect of blocking the sun.

In addition, there is also a double-layer heat-insulating umbrella that hides the ribs on the market. A hollow drum is formed between the double-layers, which can produce a greater degree of heat insulation and bring better heat insulation.


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