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What Is The Production Process Of Manufacturing Umbrella?

What Is The Production Process Of Manufacturing Umbrella?


Umbrella production process mainly includes large cut, pull edge, small cut, triangle piece acceptance, combination piece, combination piece acceptance, tie head / topping, bead tail, upper umbrella bone / sewing umbrella, quality inspection, upper head and tail and other accessories, Second quality inspection, packaging, finished product storage.

First of all, the big cut is to cut the entire roll of umbrella cloth into the required belly fabric through the big cutting machine. This process was early manual cutting. After industrialization, the big cutting machine was adopted to improve the production efficiency.

Because industrial equipment in developing countries cannot compare with developed countries, to avoid a small amount of cloth to go to the sand, the large cut cloth will be edge-treated.

After the edge trimming is completed, it enters the small cutting part. The small cutting is about to go to the cutting bed and cut with a knife (of course, some factories also punch and cut instruments.) Generally, manual cutting will stack 8-12 layers for cutting.

The cut triangle will be checked and accepted on the film inspection machine to avoid the bad film flowing into the combined film. If there are screen printing triangles, the screen printing will be sent after acceptance of the triangles, and the screen printing acceptance will be conducted after returning.

The acceptance of the triangular piece enters the composite piece completely. As the name implies, the triangular piece is assembled by the composite needle car machine. This process requires the needle car to be thin and the needle distance to be dense, so that rain or sunlight will not get from the gap of the triangular piece Inflow and through. The umbrella surface synthesized according to different order requirements is composed of 6 to 24 triangular tablets.

After the umbrella surface is completed, it enters the umbrella surface inspection piece. Here, the umbrella cloth is inspected again to prevent the broken umbrella surface from flowing into the large goods due to the folding process.

After the acceptance of the umbrella surface, the head binding / topping step is carried out. This step is to fix the top of the umbrella surface to avoid splitting from the top when the umbrella surface is installed like an umbrella frame, resulting in defective products.

The next step is to tape (of course, some customers require the umbrella strap to be entrapped, then this process will be carried out at the time of closing.

Until the umbrella strap is fixed on the umbrella surface umbrella, and the umbrella surface is truly completed, then the umbrella sewing process is entered. First, fix the umbrella cloth on the umbrella stand by bead tail machine.

Then fix the umbrella surface and the umbrella stand by hand, then most of the process of an umbrella is basically completed.

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