Yixin umbrella specialized in customized automatic umbrella,reverse umbrella more than 20 years,is a professional custom umbrella manufacturers.

What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for custom umbrella manufacturer ?

                                           The ratio of raw material costs to total cost of custom umbrella manufacturer depends on the different materials used by producers in their production. In manufacturing, material costing is a basic requirement for success. In order to be competitive and profitable, manufacturers must understand and control material costs. In the future economic conditions, many manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve material efficiency in order to maintain a surplus and competitive advantage by providing customers with maximum profits.

Quanzhou YiXin Umbrella Co.,Ltd. is a professional best golf umbrella manufacturer based in China. We are recognized worldwide as an excellent company. YiXin's fold umbrella series contains multiple sub-products. This product is made with the required durability. It has a tough construction to withstand any form of weight, pressure, or human traffic. Its fashionable color scheme works for anyone.  Some customers told us that they really appreciate the seam and stitching the product is made. It is not easily fray even it is used heavily. Its round cap effectively helps protect users' hands.

We aim to build a sustainable business based on uncompromising ethics, fairness, diversity, and trust among our suppliers, retailers, and consumers.                                        

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