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What kind of high-grade golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella to impress you?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-19
We often can see it in the golf club, golf umbrella is the biggest characteristic of big, is one of the largest umbrella in my hand, so to speak, is essentially 27 and 30 inches. As more people learn golf umbrella of good quality, good appearance and generous, good effect of the sun rain good characteristics, such as golf umbrella gradually popularization, in high-end hotels, upscale clubs, high-grade residential area can all see it, have a lot of use. Golf umbrella fabric mostly choose middle-grade umbrellas fabric, mainly is 190 t touch endowment cloth, use such fabrics made umbrella umbrella with smooth surface, often encounter after water droplets will soon be able to slide down. Golf umbrella style by now is more, the most common is the straight rod, a twenty percent golf umbrella, because of the large umbrella surface, tend to be more for a ride, after a strong wind, smaller strength will take instability, more and more humanized design, it did better solve this problem, the most common practice is to keep the umbrella design into false two layers, a layer below the top of the umbrella surface void, then a layer above the cover on the umbrella surface, just connect to live, under the condition of normal use, the rain into the umbrella, and the wind came in along the gaps in the void, the wind was out. Golf umbrella so far more than any other rods umbrella can be accepted by the public. And manufacture high-end golf umbrella factory is yi xin co. , LTD. , the company not only production golf umbrella this kind of product, also can produce other styles of umbrella, such as: folding umbrella, LED umbrella, children umbrella, couple umbrella, bottle umbrella, etc. , can also accept customers' private custom-made umbrella.
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