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What kind of things make you turn around 100% on the road

What kind of things make you turn around 100% on the road


Sun protection is a homework to be done all year round, and the importance of sunscreen in anti-aging has become a consensus.

 When the weather turns from warm to hot, when people start to feel the UV rays, "hard sunscreen" equipment will also be on the hot list. This year's new sun protection clothing and sun hat are "upgraded" again. In addition to the traditional big brim, the hot sun hat can also put a pair of wide sunglasses under the brim, so that the entire face is covered by no dead ends. Sun protection clothing is still made of light, skin-friendly and breathable fabrics, and the hood of the clothes has an increased brim, and the zipper position is higher. When it is fully pulled up, it can completely cover the face below the nose. There is also a style that "grows" a pair of "ears" from both sides of the head, which can be wrapped around the front to protect the face like a mask. The lower part of the nose is not closed, so you can breathe freely, and the hands are also increased. With finger cots, even if you are riding a bicycle under the sun, you are not afraid

Sunscreen umbrellas are also personal items for many ladies in summer. If you need to travel lightly, the ultra-light sun umbrella that can be discounted by 30% or even 50% is not as high as a mineral water bottle, so it is not a problem to put it in your carry-on bag. If you don't care about the size of the umbrella, but need comprehensive protection, then you can try this year's new "net celebrity"-helmet umbrella, the cute shape can hide the whole person in the shadow, not only small children Models, there are also oversized couple models. It is worth mentioning that the current sun umbrellas are generally "sunny and rainy" dual-use, rainy days helmet umbrella can protect the entire upper body, double the practicality.

helmet umbrella

What are the structure and characteristics of helmet umbrellas?

 Helmet Umbrella is an umbrella based on the design of motorcycle helmets. To put it simply, its shape is like a big helmet with short front and long back, which can almost completely cover the upper body of a person. Standing under the sun with an umbrella can almost completely block the upper body. There is a silver gel sunscreen coating inside the umbrella, which has a good sun and rain protection effect. The front end of this umbrella has a cut surface structure, with 10 spokes made of fiberglass material, the umbrella surface is made of polyester, and a black aluminum handle and rubber cover. The helmet umbrella has good protection against rain and can withstand the seventh-level gale

It’s also a child-friendly version. The child-safe umbrella tail has a very special shape, a cool shape, and a strong skeleton, so you don’t have to worry about others piercing the side of the umbrella.

There is a sunscreen coating inside, super sun protection. With special double-layer design and ultra-light fiberglass bone, mom no longer has to worry about the umbrella being blown over.

 Such umbrellas are not only cute, but the rainproof effect is much better than traditional umbrellas. Summer is here, the sun is so fierce that people are almost dehydrated in the sun, so it is a good choice to bring an umbrella. Large area of enclosure can prevent UV damage

 Umbrella handle is processed with lightweight technology, which will not bring additional burden to the line. As soon as you open the umbrella, it will automatically turn on the cute mode, even if you are a big guy. Easy to be watched.


football helmet umbrella

In summary, there are the following points:


  The front end of the helmet umbrella is a cross-section structure based on the design of a motorcycle helmet. It has 10 spokes made of fiberglass material, the umbrella surface is made of polyester, and a black aluminum handle and rubber cover. The length of the helmet umbrella is 90 cm. When it is opened, the diameter of the umbrella is 65 cm. The weight of the entire umbrella is only 0.5 kg.


   1. Helmet umbrellas can not only be used to block sunlight, but also prevent people from getting wet on their heads and shoulders under strong wind and heavy rain.

   2. The football helmet umbrella will not be blown over from the inside to outside under the 7th-level wind at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, which can prevent the umbrella spokes from poking at the faces of passing pedestrians.

   3. The football helmet umbrella are easy to carry at night and can be folded into a backpack.

   4. Helmet umbrellasn last longer than traditional umbrellas.

football helmet umbrella

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