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Why more and more people love transparent umbrellas?

Why more and more people love transparent umbrellas?


In the midsummer rainy season, umbrellas have become indispensable travel objects. The appearance of all kinds of umbrellas is dazzling. Transparent umbrellas have become more and more popular in recent years. The fabrics are POE or PVC plastics, and there are various colors and patterns, retro, cute, small and fresh, as long as you want, you can print them.

In fact, transparent umbrellas first emerged in Japan. On rainy days, on the streets of Japan, you can see that they use transparent umbrellas everywhere. So in our impression, the transparent umbrella is a Japanese style.

Today, let’s talk about a transparent umbrella made of a different material. TPU umbrella cloth transparent umbrella.

folding transparent umbrella

There must be many people who have questions, what is TPU? Let the editor come to popularize science for everyone.

TPU is also known as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. TPU has excellent high-tension, high-tension, toughness and aging resistance characteristics, and is a mature environmentally friendly material.

At present, TPU has been widely used in medical and health, electronic appliances, industry and sports, etc. It has high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics that other plastic materials cannot match. It has many excellent functions such as high waterproof and moisture permeability, windproof, cold proof, antibacterial, mildew proof, warmth, UV resistance and energy release.

folding transparent umbrella

After listening to the above-mentioned popularization, do you feel confused and too professional? 

But as long as you remember, the umbrella made of this material has the functions of waterproof, ultraviolet and windproof, and fully conforms to the rules of a standard umbrella.

Today we made it into a truly convenient to carry, not easy to break, no wrinkles, transparent five-fold umbrella(clear foldable umbrella), folded into a small one, light and compact, can be placed in the bag, and opened, the expansion area is more It is enough to cover 1-2 people, which is really amazing.

clear foldable umbrella

After many experiments, we can see that a small knife opened the sharp side and was thrown at the umbrella cloth. It was immediately bounced away without being scratched by the blade at all. Moreover, even if it was pulled super hard, put it down. It is still restored to its original shape after opening, showing that its toughness is extremely strong, with high strength, and it is not easily damaged or wrinkled. Fully used its advantages.

folding transparent umbrella

This folding transparent umbrella is simple and generous. Without any other decorations, it is simple and transparent, plus the umbrella surface and colorful umbrella eaves. It is also quite stylish when it is rained out.

The umbrella stand, handle and cap of the umbrella are also very well done. The clear foldable umbrella frame is designed to prevent the hands from being pinched, which is firm and durable. It adopts ergonomically designed buttons and is easy to open and close, which minimizes the damage coefficient of the open umbrella and has strong corrosion resistance.

folding transparent umbrella handle

The folding transparent umbrella handle is made of high-density material, which is more durable, and the perfect polished design increases the gloss of the umbrella handle. It has a comfortable grip and won't scratch the skin after a long time of use.

clear foldable umbrella handle

Umbrella caps, lace spiral umbrella caps, high density, corrosion resistance, there are horizontal stripes inside to make it firmer and prevent rainwater leakage.

clear foldable umbrella

A small folding transparent umbrella looks simple and has nothing, in fact, every place is very careful. From head to toe, it reflects the designer's good intentions. Although the sun protection ability of transparent umbrellas is not as good as that of parasols, they can still protect against ultraviolet rays.

 As a good partner on rainy days, it is very suitable. Especially for little girls, who need a unique umbrella to highlight their personality, then this transparent umbrella is the most suitable.

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